Learning Sikhism

A religion that leads everyone to the right path. A path of righteousness and a true living. A religion that does not look down on any other religion in the world. We make sure that the Christians the Muslims and Hindus and all other religions, have a respect toward their own religion. As a Sikh I believe no religion in the world is wrong, every religion in the world is right. Is what I learned from my gurus.
As long as you chant the name of god with respect and for a good cause, I don't see why any religion that follows this concept is bad. Sikhism has given me the understanding to see all of us equal, and has given the purpose we are here in human form.  There was a time when I knew I was born in Sikh family,I knew I am a Sikh but didn't knew the role in society as a Sikh. I would also visit the Gurudwara on Sundays with my family and listen to the beautiful shabad (word) of guru. I didn't quite understood the meaning behind the shabed. Going to Gurudwara for me was just listening to shabad and play or eat langer (Dinner), and go back home.  Today I can say that I am a Sikh, simply I know the meaning of Sikhism. Now practicing Sikhism is very joyful for me. I have made a goal to learn Punjabi language, so I well be able to talk in the language, which my gurus communicated in their everyday life. Reading the shabad in Punjabi (Gurmukhi) language has a different in tone then English and the meaning is a bit different also. Since I can understand English more than Punjabi, I now learn about Sikhism, by watching videos on Internet about Sikhism history. One of the great sources I found was this channel called "Basics Of Sikhi" yes the name just explains it all, what this channel is about. Basic Of Sikhi is one of the channels I like and would recommend to people, If they want to learn the history the events in Sikhism.Basic of Sikhi is from understanding is the only organization in my community that talks about Sikhism "publicly" I would simply put. Basics Of Sikhi also does street parchar educating people about Sikhism, what the appearance of Sikh meaning. Very detailed videos about Sikhism. I am so thankful of this channel, I have learned things, what A Sikh should now about Sikhism.

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