Going Veg

Today industrial revaluation has the consumers left with very little choice, specially when the matter comes to food.We tend to focus more on the packaging and the taste it holds.

 We tend not to care about what goes into our food. Or how the food we eat was treated? Animal welfare system is in place with animal rights, but when look closely what actually goes behind the walls of these factories it is a different story. Animal rights are not in place, every animal sacrifices to their life, for your taste. We might hear about animal rights and freed, but there completely just another way to hide animal cruelty. I mean what freedom are you give to someone when them are sure there going to be killed. This is only understood to a person that sees that life animals live. In my grade ten geography class we were studying about farmlands, I was surprised to know how animals are actually treated and are killed for food. I began to think how are we giving them freedom, when them know their going to be the next one on your dinner plates.

GoVeg.com has put a video that highlights the scenes behind the factories that slaughter animals.
I do warn you that this video contains graphics scenes on animal cruelty.

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