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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Thoughts And Fear

Thoughts are very powerful, they can be negative and positive about something. They do play a role in helping use succeed and lose.

We do take advantage of this function, we are given by god, in our every day of our lives. Thoughts are nothing but imaginary vision, that have no ending. It's usually some particular question we focus on worrying about. What,Why, When, How. The answer usually never is true or never is an answer. Thoughts are a natural state of mind. It can think about anything, there is no set limits. Another way of saying we still don't have control of our mind. It all comes down to, are you the master of your mind? Or is your mind the master of you? That is why learning to live is an important concept we humans should follow. When we learn to live, we teach the soul the mind to live. The mind is like a baby you can teach good things and bad things. It is open to all paths, but you must be the guider, the caregiver. Then it's your friend that supports you as you get older. This all is done by realizing, who you are, what is your purpose ?  And understanding the mind the soul. Good or bad thoughts come from thinking, which depends on the view you have. Then It triggers worrying or fear. Worrying and fear makes your moment unacceptabl to your character. How can this happen? why only this day ? Will this happen next time to me? All this questions reapt. and make you lose your hopes. Which makes your confident levels down to your shoes in public, work or school. All that happens due to lack of the understanding of yourself.
We can stand up and take action to such problems that makes us lose our character.
It's a step by step process, and is the only way we will gain an understanding of our self. 

First ask yourself who are, what purpose do have?

We all need an identity and a reason to live. Not a reason that will make you the problem to the world, you wan to have a good reason to be with the truth, doing good work.   

Second have faith in you, believe in god. 

This is very important that having faith in you and the one. You do have Identity and a good reason now you need a guider. And yes that's  god, god is the only one that can  help your across the ocean.
I have mentioned this in another article titles "your are the guru."

Third be a good person and respect others.

Just like the first step suggests, repeating this process will put you in a habit of embracing a good person quality. You have to develop a taste for good manners, and find that purpose of being a good person,and be thankful for the healthy lifestyle your gifted by good. Being a good person mean that you have to be the light for ones that don't have light in their life. Another way saying make other follow your good path. 

Fourth always remember god.
Trust the one, prayer for not only yourself but others too. Remember the one when your happy and sad. Having faith in god, will make you a confident being and a better being. 

These steps I was inspired by waheguru's ji concepts to living a good healthy life with one. I just wanted to explain that there is no special power or magic, that will shin on you to make you a good person. The magic or the special power is in you, to make your self a good person or bad person you choose the path. But to live with the truth you have to trust the one, Nothing is better then truth.
Waheguru ji states that we should all watch for five thieves that hurt our soul and brings us on a bad path.

  1. Desires/ Lust (Kaam) Wearing the Kachherĝ, a Sikh is reminded to control his desire and only look at his own wife or husband. The Kachherĝ reminds us to self-control and to control the urges of Kaam.
  2. Greed (Lobh) Wearing the Karĝ in our hand we are reminded not to commit crime or theft with our hands. The Karĝ constantly reminds us of Guru Ji and the hands which can be used to misdeeds fuelled by greed are reminded "you are bound to the Guru, remember Vaheguru is always watching you". Therefore, the Kara is a continual reminder of “Think of the Guru, before yourself”.
  3. Anger (Krodh) Wearing the Kirpaan, you have the power to kill someone and therefore you to have control your anger more than the other person. The Kirpan represents the Grace, Truth and Justice, which a Sikh represents which can only happen if a Sikh has no anger.
  4. Attachment (Moh) Combing the hair twice a day, when one sees the dead hair being combed out, one is reminded that just as our hair are not permanent, so is everything around us. One should comb one's mind with Gurbaani (the Divine Word), just as one comb's their hair with a comb.
  5. Ego (Haumai) Maintaining Kesh covered with a Dastaar (turban) on the head one commits him or herself to higher consciousness, saving them from vanity. Crowning oneself with a Dastaar one is reminded that their head belongs to Guru Sahib and that they should not have ego. With a turban covering the hair-knot on top of Dasam Duaar (a spiritual opening on the top of the head), all worldly fashion stops dead. The Dastaar guards the Sikh man and woman from drowning in vanity and society-led fashions. A man or woman wearing a turban well be self-conscious of living up to their principles, living up to the image they are portraying and the Guru they are representing, therefore subduing their ego and Manmukh (self-centred) mind.  From SikhiWik

Why Fear, When You have God With You.

So we must always remember god every moment we live. As stated by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
"Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore." -Guru Nanak Dev Ji                                          

Guru Ji is stating that we all need a guru to guide us to the truth, so we must all remember god.

Author who books I like to read about life, is Orison Swett Marden an inspirational author states in "Discovery Of Happiness" book. "Real power to meet life is developed in those deep centers of inner quietness where the soul and the mind meet god" Orison Swett Marden 

The problem today is that we live in very timely world, things are being dragged for business purposes. This time today is very different then, the time Guru Nanak Dev Ji  were in their physical form. Today when we look back at history, human history more specifically. We have history pages about money and power issues, wars. I am not saying that the concept of learning history is bad. Learning about history is indeed is a educational concept, to learn from. But the topics we learn are very different from the topics, that gurus learned from. Their way of learning was from the principal of nature the truth. Around them. We should go far back in human history to learn about, how our guru's lived, talked. Good things gurus did and apply them to your own understanding.


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