Power Of Being In Family

From the time we are born, we are given a company to look after us. Whether it's your parents or loved ones, they all raise us in a certain way.
Parents and a child statue. Wikipedia
They caregivers might be raising us with stress, or as responsibility. They want us to succeed in our life. Even if the caregiver is busy in work, and stressed in time. The care for you, is on the back of their minds, the steers the caregiver has it's love not hate. We are given different form of love, to grow. Some of us are physically or mentally abused, and for some of it's a different story, we are given good care and learned good manners. All this has to do, is to guide you on a good path, be a good being. Physically abuse or mental abuse by the caregiver is a misunderstanding to think that it's okay. This type of care with such abuse is not going to tech the child any good manners. It my seem as good quick way for the care giver but, it's the compete opposite effect. On the child life, this child slowly develops less tolerance for the caregiver. Even if the child is normal and follows your command, over time it realizes the care provided. Which results to the child giving less tolerance to the caregiver. Both caregiver and the child, as they get older the bright one is who understand the concussions of such actions. And to tech one another with love. Not hate or violence. No matter how gently, you put a rock on water it always drowns. In the matter water is the love, the truth and the rock is the ego, ignorance. No matter how much hate someone has for you, but if you have love you have god. So as both the caregiver and the child grows-out of darkness, and learns to realize the world around them. It's time to change, and forget the hard rough times, that caregiver gave to the child or the child gave to the caregiver. As time goes by, both the  child and the caregiver needs each other. Just Image a tree without roots. I fall not matter what, during storms, or natures hard times. Now that the child and the caregiver are together nothing can, bad happen to this tree.

We humans need to apply our past experience to guide our children to a better lifestyle. And take the natures principles to learn from. System of nature, isn't just about green or bright flowers, instead it's a living example around us, that a plant manages to survive the stressful situations nature brings at it's life time. And that very plant becomes member of family.

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