Amretpal Singh Gill is my name, and I am the blogger of this blog "Amrit", also meaning the holy water "Amrit Gell". I have passion for reading writing, I love to write poetry and stories. I believe that Poetry is a puzzle that unlocks the message and is the pleasure or the satisfaction that you get out of it. I do enjoy playing outdoor sports as well as indoor sports. Running, jogging or just walking, I love enjoying the nature's ever changing painting I call it. I have been raised In the state of Utter Pardes were I would witness the art of nature. The ever green environment of this region was all that I needed to call It a home. The hills of Himalayas were something not to miss, such view that only appeared after long rain. It was a surprise to see. Not so long I knew Canadian visa was delivered to my family. Now that I live in Canada, still I can't overlap the times I had spent in India. I learned a lot through this transition in life. And still love to learn more about this part of the world. One thing I learn from people that I meet with, that no matter were you live, as long as you can call it a home it's safe. We should all feel that this whole earth is our home no matter what ever region you live in, we should all be proud of ourselves to be living on a beautiful place. Despise the wars the violence it's sometime not as safe we think. This earth sisterly wasn't designed to have such violence upon it. Following the teaching of our Guru's, I feel we should create a better society for all of us. As a Sikh (learner), we should pass on the learning of the Waheguru (God, the supreme being), and the reason why I start this blog.  To bring the right content , and share with you all.   Terms  

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